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Welcome to the original Michael Vartan LJ Community!

This is a picture-posting and discussion community for the French-American actor, Michael Vartan. He is currently best known as Agent Vaughn on the hit TV series, Alias.

Please review the community rules regarding picture posting:

1) No remote linking to other sites. If a picture is remote linked from a Vartan fansite, it will be deleted. It isn't fair to still other peoples bandwidth.
If you don't know what remote linking is, read this FAQ.
If you don't have webspace to host your own pics, then ask your Internet Service Provider or get free space at Liquid 2K or Photo Bucket.

2)Always try to credit your picture sources where possible. Most every picture you see on a fansite was scanned by someone, so please credit the site or the individual.

3) If posting more then one picture OR a very large picture (width larger then 500 pixels, please use LJ-cut tags!

If you don't know how to do the LJ-cut tag, read the explanation here.

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