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New TV show and a Poll

This Ccommunity needs a bit of action.

Here's a poll to vote for Michael as the hottest guy on TV, and we know he is. He's a bit behind, not much though.

And something about his new tv show.

Bedrooms and Boardrooms is a drama from Warner Brothers Television and ABC about four friends who are up and coming executives.

James is played by Michael Vartan and is the "moral center" of the group. He's married to Stacey, and they've been together since freshman year in college, but their marriage is in trouble. He just found out she was having an affair with his late boss. He relies on his "work wife", Katie, played by Nia Long, to keep him focused in the office.

Dylan McDermott plays Duncan Collinsworth. He's divorced from Lisbeth, played by Paige Turco, but things aren't completely over. Even though he still seems interested, she knows if she took him back he'd lose interest immediately. They have a 19 year old daughter Cameron (Peyton List), who she resents her father for walking out on them.

Christopher Titus plays Brody, a married graduate of Harvard Business School.

Joshua Malina plays Karl. He's married to Wendy, played by Amy Sloan. They are seeing a marriage counselor, but he has a secret mistress on the side, Marla, played by Jessica Collins.

More than business associates, these four men are best friends who will be there for each other no matter what.

Jon Harmon Feldman of Reunion has written the pilot and will serve as Executive Producer. Charles McDougal, who also directed the pilot for Desperate Housewives will be the director.

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I can't wait for this show. I hope it makes it. I'd love to see Michael back on tv. :)
Yum, I voted!

Considering Reunion tanked, I'm nervous about this show's chances, but it seems to have a good cast, so I'll keep my fingers crossed! I need me some more Vartan screen time!
Yeah.. Reunion had a bad fate, but it was good. This one seems to funny, lets see. It depends a lot on the writting and the cast. We know the cast is good.. and the writting seems to be too.
omfreakingawd I am the biggest geek in writing it on my calendar LOL I miss watching him on TV, Alias reruns can only do SO much!
Dear Zamboni Friend, Thank you so very much for posting this information about Vartan's new show 'Big Shots', as we (fans of the show, and Vartan's fans as well) think he is doing one heck of a job here and are trying to stop ABC from pulling the plug on it.
Vartan's scenes with actress Nia Long, his 'side-kick' nee "love interest", are absolutely wonderful to see, and their on-screen chemistry is honest to God dynamite to behold. The rest of the cast is excellent as well and the way they 'all' play off each other is something wonderful to see.
ABC promoted this show for four whole weeks when it first started, and three after it got on the air, then all of a sudden the promos 'completely' stopped with 'no' explanation as to what happened. It was like the show ceasted to exist before it even got any feet. I've seen e-mail postings from some of everywhere (Canada, France, England, etc.) asking what happened to it, and when was it coming back? In all my years of watching television, this show was treated in one of the worst ways (especially the lack of promotion) that I'd seen in a very very long time.
So, I'm spreading the word, especially to Vartan fans, to join us in several campaigns to try and save this show, because we feel it's really worth keeping on the air. For those interested in doing so, who've never had a chance to see even one episode, if you go to websites like (under the 'Big Shots' banner), Fan, and a few others (even ABC) you will get the chance to see episodes in full.
We're doing things like: sending golf balls (Vartan and his friends on the show love to play golf in their spare time.) to the heads of the station, sending e-mails, making phone calls, sending post cards, writing letters, and anything else that we can possibly do to keep it on the air for those interested in seeing the show. Thanks once again for this posting, and hopefully we'll see you on the ABC message board 'Big Shots' website (and others interested) real soon.