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Michael Header

I heart comments omg so much
Credit is nice

#CCD0AE (The green color)
#D01C28 (The red color)

I'm pissed because I just now notcied that the left side text on the Michael Vartan one is too far over but when I tried to save Photoshop closed on me and I said fuck it I'm not recreating it, instead I'll write this huge run on sentance about it. :D
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Ehhh... love those lyrics.
And he looks so damn cute.
Do you have the original pictures?
Very nice header :)
Thank you! :D

I think I got the pics from, but the gallery is down. They're from a tv guide shoot, here are the 2 I used and another.
Cool. Thanks for the pictures ;)
Good photoshoot and you did a good work with it :)